The Art Event at G!  - Exhibitions, Food, Talks and Art


From Tummas Jákup Thomsens outdoor installation at G!

This years art and literature event at the G!Festival is a comprehensive one and it starts today 10.july in the Nordic House in Tórshavn. The title and theme of the event is Always Coming Home - citing the title of a book by American writer and critic Ursula K.Le Guin.

Please bring strange things. 
Please come bringing new things.
Let very old things come into your hands.
(…) May your soul be at home where there are no houses.
Walk carefully, well-loved one,
Walk mindfully, well-loved one,
Walk fearlessly, well-loved one.
Return with us, return to us,
Be always coming home.

                      Ursula K. Le Guin from Always Coming Home, 1985
Home is an abstract concept, a fleeting scent in the air, a sensation of belonging, however fragile and hard to grasp. Sometimes home is entirely concrete, a very particular place in the world that we may long for or long to escape from.

Home is a withdrawal, a motion towards the familiar, towards something sometimes already lost. Home is a fortification, a space demarcated by an exclusion by that which it cannot, will not contain. Home is a space for the reproduction of tradition and the proliferation of relations. Home is where we care in ways not always well accounted for. Home is also where we sometimes cease and fail to care.

Home is the traditional sphere of women and children, a supposedly non-political space harbouring life-sustaining practices and technologies so often taken for granted. Home is where life is maintained, an anchor of ongoingness. 

Home is also a privilege. ‘Ecology’ has its etymological roots in the Greek word ‘oikos’, meaning ‘home’. Contemporary ecological philosophies have introduced the word ‘solastalgia’, referring to feeling deprived of a home without having migrated. As Bruno Latour has stated, it is ‘homesickness at home’, the radical removal of the promise of sustaining life from land in a new climatic regime. The idea of solstagia refers only to the most privileged of us, who have not (yet) been forced to migrate. The eradication of homes and multispecies displacement as a consequense of ecological collapse is very much lived reality for a large number of critters and creatures - humans included - on this blasted planet, this wretched home of ours. 

Homes contain multitudes, and are often much larger, much stranger than we know. Homes are composed and inhabited by companion species such as plants, insects, bacteria and pets.  Homes are intimate spaces of reciprocity and interdependence. Our bodies, our first and foremost home, host a large number of species that do not carry the same DNA as ‘we’ do. Within us, strangeness reside. Me is the smallest we.

Always Coming Home is an international art and literary event, bringing an array of people together in renegotiating limits and potentials of home, of ancestry, of family and kinship. Through panels, exhibitions, workshops, and performances, the program will explore modest hope and situated regenerative practices staying with the im/possibilities of being able to always be coming home. 


Artists and other participants:

Angela Rawlings (ÍS), Eva Tind (DK), Siri Ranvá Hjelm Jacobsen (DK/FO), Carl Jóhan Jensen, Kim Simonsen, Lív Maria Jæger Róadóttir, Lasse Jæger, Oddfríður M. Rasmussen, Anna Malan Jógvansdóttir, Rannva Holm Mortensen, Vónbjørt Vang, Jóhan Martin Christansen, Julie Sass (DK), Tummas Jákup Thomsen, Scott Rettberg (US), Randi Samsonsen, Bruno Michael Eysturstein, Hanni Bjartalíð, Kinna Poulsen, Sunniva Guðmundsdóttir Mortensen, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (Columbia), Agnes Mols Mortensen, Meejah Soundbath: Mai Young Øvlisen (Dk), Daniel Nayberg (DK) og Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold (DK).


Thanks to our sponsors:

Rit og Rák, The Nordic House, The City of Tórshavn, The Faroese Cultural Foundation, The Faroese Cultural Ministry.