Art in the Faroe Islands summer 2019


Summer has become the main season for art in The Faroe Islands with many visitors, Faroese students, and others arriving. In Steinprent in Tórshavn there is a group exhibition, MY OWN SPACE, and in Klaksvík there is a group show in Posthúskjallarin. 15.june 2019 another exhibition featuring Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson opens at the Nordic House in Tórshavn. Friday 7.june there is a cultural night in Tórshavn with lots of different exhibitions and cultural events. See link below.

Steinprent's Summer Exhibition 2019 is this year about space in art and art in space: the artists’ own space and the exhibition space itself. The exhibition title appears in an interview from the Liverpool Biennale, where the artist Hanni Bjartalíð tries to put into words the starting point of his artistic inspiration. Bjartalíð claims that his ideas come from a special place; his own room. There can be no doubt that space is fundamental in Hanni Bjartalíð‘s works – both in pictures and sculptures, but not just that. In addition to the space we experience in works of art and the space these works occupy, visual artists have their own space, and these are the spaces that form the focal point of this exhibition.

Over many years Hansina Iversen, with consistency and sophistication in equal measure, has researched the possibilities of non-figurative painting, gradually developing her ‘image space’. Where the picture space in the 1990s was synonymous with form on a background (often the chalk-white primed canvas), today it appears much more complex. While individual shapes appear as two-dimensional as the surface on which they are painted, elsewhere one senses a tremendous depth and power in formations that overlap each other and which, depending on where the eye rests, appear to flit back and forth in an ever-rolling motion. Read more: