Anna Seppälä show in Steinprent 31.august - 27.september 2018


Friday 31.august from 16-18 pm an exhibiton by Finnish artist, Anna Seppälä opens in Steinprent. The artist has participated in group shows in Faroe Islands several times - first time in the St.Olaf Exhibition in Listaskálin some twenty years ago, but this is her first solo show in the Faroe Islands. Her motives derive both from a realistic and a mythical  universe in collages on painted surfaces. These pictures are full of flowers, they are decorative and funny and at the same time a bit gloomy with a hint of the Memento Mori theme in paintings of the baroque era, where the flowers, fruit and beautiful objects intended to remind people of the inevitability of death. But the drawings, lithographic prints and collages by Anna Seppälä are all full life and a decisive believe in love as a forceful and fundamental power. The artist will be present at the opening.