Hansina Iversen - Steinprent


Summer is a very busy time for the people who work in Steinprent, the lithographic workshop in Tórshavn. But somehow in between the many visitors, they seem to manage to get a lot of work done. Downstairs the exhibition by Randi Samsonsen is still on. Upstairs the Danish artist, Peter Callesen has been working at the workshop and his three lithographic works will be part of his exhibition in Steinprent in august.

The Faroese artist, Hansina Iversens works in the non representational field, she has finished a series of lithographic works this last week with fascinating material effects. They contain several layers of colour like the piece at the top of this page, which seems to have a burning sensation which is juxtaposed by the cool, strange transparent silver grey form on top. It has the shape and appearance of a spooky face, but it is in fact just an organic formation of colour.