Randi Samsonsen - New works - Steinprent


In Search of Lost Colours

The opening of Randi Samsonsen’s exhibition ‘In Search of Lost Colours’ takes place at Steinprent (Tórshavn, Faroe Islands) on Saturday the 12th of May at 3pm.

Randi Samsonsen’s main medium is textile. Knitted, crocheted, sewn and stuffed artworks. Lithographic works have also been created for the exhibition.

The exhibition is conceptual. Both the lithographic and textile works have the same starting-point, which the artist has referred to as colour memories from the different homes that she grew up in and visited as a child. From childhood, we are blessed with an outstanding ability to sense our surroundings. With our untarnished senses, we see, smell, hear and feel the rooms surrounding us and the things in them so thoroughly, that we are able to relive these sensory recollections many years later.

Colours play a vital role in Randi Samsonsen’s memories, which is the reason for her empirical take on colour memories.

Through studies of family photo albums she has been making notes and colour charts, which she has been using for both her textile and graphic works. All of the pieces in the exhibition are fundamentally non-representational. Randi Samsonsen’s colour memories manifest themselves in organic shapes, which she places lying, standing or hanging in the space. Some pieces have very natural characteristics, reminiscent of coccons, hanging plant stems or bladder wracks. But the human body also plays a crucial role in these works, from an inspirational, as well as a comprehensive standpoint.

Randi Samsonsen’s textile work relates to the human body, with anthropomorphous shapes evocative of body parts, but this is also art that is to be understood in a complete physical, tactile and sensory manner. Several works are soft, whilst others possess a more rough exterior. The processes used for the creation of these pieces are a wide variety of needlework. The same, which for centuries, have been used to produce common everyday items. But Randi Samsonsen’s work forces a different perspective on this. Somewhere between the known and the unknown, her work surprises by making us laugh, frown and recall.

Randi Samsonsen lives and works in Tórshavn. She holds a Master of Design from the Designschool in Kolding, Denmark. She is a textile artist and also works as teacher at Glasir Tórshavn College. In 2013 she had a solo show at Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen. She has curated several exhbitions at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands, as well as taken part in a myriad of group shows in the Faroe Islands and internationally.


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