A new poetry collection by Anna Malan Jógvansdóttir


Forlagið Eksil has released the second poetry collection "Korallbruni", by poet Anna Malan Jógvansdóttir. Her first collection "Undirfloyma" was published in 2015, and in 2016 she was awarded the Culture Prize for Young Artists by the Faroese Cultural Ministry. 
Anna Malan Jógvansdóttir is 23 years old and is currently a student at the Literature College "Forfatterskolen" in Copenhagen. Anna Malan has illustrated both collections herself. 
Anna Malan says that "Korallbruni" is an attempt to write herself out of human nature and into nature and let nature take control. Anna Malan is inspired by the posthuman and nature-philosophic trend which currently is much in fashion on the Nordic art and literature scene. With this poetry collection Anna Malan wants to remind us that we need to reconsider our place on Earth, and that earthly matter is not just dead and idle but a part of everything, not least ourselves.

slímutur snigil
mítt hjarta
ber beinagrindina