Kirstin Helgadóttir - ORKA

Kirstin Helgadóttir hevur gjørt plátuhúsan til plátuútgávuna Leipzig hjá ORKA, sum kom út í síðsta mánað. Hvør einstakur húsi er eitt prent, sum Kirstin Helgadóttir hevur gjørt og sum hon hevur valt út og talfest.  Leipzig tykist á so mangan hátt vera ein áhugaverd útgáva. Hon er enn ikki ummæld á føroyskum, men hetta kann náast enn!

Á er ummælarin hugtikin, hann skrivar: "The latest, ‘Leipzig’, is both their most accessible (’Leipzig VII – Sing’ and ‘Leipzig II – Blow’ not without pop qualities) and their most weird and anarchic with seven intermezzos and songs under 2 minutes, coming across as drunk and drugged sketches, and a beautiful folk surprise titled ‘The End’ as halfway mark... ‘Leipzig’ is as chaotic as its birth, the bulk recorded a worn down pre-war cinema in the heart of Leipzig, Germany, and other bits recorded on tour in Paris, New York, a small church in Sibrandahûs, Netherlands, a boat in Hong Kong and a train terminal in Bombay, and finished in ORKA’s London studio, but when Jens L.Thomsen & Co. (principal partners here Ólavur Jákupsson and Høgni Lisberg) do proper songs they keep an incredible standard, leaving pretty much all up for recommendation below. There you’ll find my favorites, but do check out the bandcamp – and expect to find ‘Leipzig’ high on our Best Albums list in January.

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